Energy media monitoring in industry

Modern solutions of wireless measurement data transmission enable easy implementation of a reliable monitoring system of energy media consumption in industry (monitoring of production media). Building a fixed AMI radio network that meets all the principles of smart metering is not a big technical or economic problem. Such a network will easily cover battery-powered meters (water meters, gas meters, heat meters) and electricity meters. In return, we obtain the ability to respond quickly to emergency situations (leaks, excessive power consumption, ...), allocating real costs for the consumption of media for individual departments or even machines. It enables precise calculation of unit costs of products and implementation the effective media saving programs.

Economical wireless solutions

System components

An effective and economical system of radio meter reading can be built based on devices using the open wireless M-Bus protocol compliant with OMS. The energy-optimized protocol is ideal for all battery-operated meters. It can also be used for electricity meters, readings of other production media (steam, air, etc.) as well as temperature and humidity sensors. We get battery life from 5 to 15 years, and ranges without additional repeaters up to 500 meters. Communication gateway CMe3100 The system operates in the 868 MHz frequency band not requiring authorization, in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Administration and Digitization of December 12, 2014 on radio transmitting or receiving-receiving devices that can be used without a radio permit (Journal of Laws 2017 item 96). The heart of the system is the CMe3100 LAN communication gateway, which communicates with a radio concetrator. This gateway allows integration with various master systems using protocols such as M-Bus, Modbus TCP, JSON-RCP, REST or DLMS. Readout data can also be allocated in the built-in memory and then sent in open CSV files to an FTP, HTTP or SMTP server in the form of reports, according to defined schedule. This data can be imported into any software, including an Excell spreadsheet, for further processing. No dedicated software is needed in such case. This functionality means that the system is also attractive in price with a small number of meters.

Complex offer

We offer turn-key implementation of energy media monitoring systems including the following activities:

  • Selection of meters with communication modules
  • Selection of communication infrastructure devices
  • Delivery mentiones above hardware
  • Surveying radio ranges in the field and a design of the deployment of the reading infrastructure devices
  • Configuration of all communication modules, reading infrastructure devices and system startup
  • Integration with the master system and making screens in the SCADA system
  • Installation of individual elements to be agreed

Industrial media monitoring

With very extensive systems, you can consider building a private LoRaWAN network with much larger ranges. At present, however, one should take into account the higher cost of meter communication modules, a smaller range of available devices and less flexibility of the entire system.