Wired M-Bus network

The M-Bus network is an ideal solution in a place where the cable installation is not a problem. Energy optimized is a reliable solution for battery powered meters. A wide range of central units, converters, gateways, etc. allows you to build virtually any system. A normative communication protocol compliant with EN13757 makes us independent from the so-called proprietary solutions.

Wireless M-Bus network

The wireless M-Bus network (wM-Bus) is ideal for reading energy media meters in locations where the installation of the wires is difficult or unprofitable. A wide range of devices for the construction of communication infrastructure allows further data transmission using a cellular network, the Internet or directly to a computer using its own infrastructure (LAN, wLAN). A normative communication protocol compliant with EN13757 makes us independent from the so-called proprietary solutions.

Both the M-Bus and wM-Bus wired networks, as AMI networks, are ideal solutions for monitoring energy utilities in production plants. Such a system allows you to monitor consumption, detect failures (e.g. leaks), accurately allocate production costs to individual departments, production lines or even individual machines. Wireless network may be particularly interesting due to its easy application and low implementation costs. Thanks to open communication standards, the reading system can be integrated with existing SCADA or other software. The data can also be processed in your own spreadsheet, without having to invest in any software, or you can order a implementation with specific functionality built on the basis of the SCADA system (e.g. Asix) or based on existing on the market solutions, dedicated to monitoring energy and production media.

Below you will find a catalog containing all products necessary for implementation, such as: meters, communication modules for meters and communication infrastructure devices, and a system folder for monitoring industrial media, which in a synthetic way describes a solution based on wireless communication. This communication uses the normative wireless M-Bus protocol in accordance with EN 13757-4 compatible with OMS. The system operates in the 868 MHz frequency band not requiring authorization, in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Administration and Digitization of December 12, 2014 on radio transmitting or transmitting-receiving devices that can be used without a radio license (Journal of Laws 2017 item 96). Scalability and openness of the system allow for easy expansion in the future and seamless integration with existing systems in the company.  

communication scheme