Radio reading system for water and heat meters

1. MVM volumetric water meters

MVM volumetric water meter

2. ETW ECO single-jet water meters

ETW ECO single jet water meter

3. SC7 ultrasonic water meters

SC7 ultrasonic water meter

LibraRS remote radio reading system

A modern and economical LibraRS radio reading system using an internet portal and Android devices

LibraRS radio reading system

The LibraRS remote radio reading system belongs to the unique universal solutions on the market. This versatility lies in the fact that this system is suitable both for use in water utility companies and in multi-family buildings. It can be successfully used as one system in those water utility companies that read not only water meters mounted on connections, but also deal with readings and settlements of tenant water meters in multi-family buildings. This became possible due to the appropriate approach at the system design stage, and this approach resulted from many years of previous experience of system designers with water measurements and various radio meter reading systems. The key features ensuring universality are:

1. Wireless, inductive transfer of information from a mechanical register to electronics. This solution, unlike optical systems, is insensitive to small dirt or water, which may occur, e.g. in water meter pits or wet basements.

2. Configurable signal transmission time. This time, in highly dispersed systems (Water Utility), must be quite short (up to 30 s), while in multi-family housing, depending on the size of the building and the number of meters to read, it can be from 0.5 to 2 minutes.

3. Configurable range of historical data read from the electronic memory of the radio module. Regardless of how often the route with meters is read, we have data on what happened with the meter divided into monthly sections.

4. Configurable operating time of the radio transmitter. The ability to read large amounts of data, which are often transmitted, results in higher battery consumption than in systems offering poor information. Flowis + radio modules continue to offer the same battery life (up to 12 years) as other leading manufacturers. This is ensured due to the option to turn off radio transmission when it is not needed (weekend, night, etc.).