ARTEO Engineering company provides services in the field of construction of energy media consumption metering systems: water, heat, gas and electricity. The main activity is the implementation of remote meter reading systems and data processing:

  • Replacement of water and heat meters in the resources of housing communities and cooperatives for meters with remote communication (wired or wireless)
  • Implementation of walkby / driveby radio reading systems for water and heat meters (water meters, heat meters) in multi-family buildings
  • Implementation of remote meter reading systems (water meters, heat meters) based on M-Bus communication in multi-family buildings
  • Implementation of radio reading systems for water meters in water utility companies, both walkby / driveby and fixed networks with daily data transmission
  • Implementation of energy media consumption monitoring systems in industry
  • Sale of water meters, heat meters, communication devices for these meters, reading devices (radio scanners, M-Bus masters, devices for data transmission via mobile network and the Internet)
  • Technical consultancy regarding the selection of a remote meter reading system
  • Consultations regarding the elimination of balance differences for water and heat consumption in multi-family buildings
  • Consultations on reducing water losses in water utility companies (according to IWA methodology)


Water meter radio reading system 

The choice of the remote reading system should be made together with the offer of water meters. In addition to metrological properties, an important issue is the way of communication between the mechanical register and the electronics of the communication module. This communication should be reliable: faithfully reproduce the water meter register even in flooded conditions. Another important issue is the reliability of remote (radio) reading and additional data provided by the system. These data can be used to validate the readings, resolve disputes, supervise the operation of some components of the installation and, above all, be used to effectively reduce water losses. Of course, the possibility of exchanging the read data with other systems in the Company, notably with the billing system, is not without significance. 

Radio water meters

Due to the role played by water meters in a water utility company, they should not be bought without a deeper analysis as to the metrology, design and their ability to work in a reliable remote reading system.

Water losses reduction according to IWA methodology

Poland belongs to one of the poorest countries in Europe when it comes to drinking water resources. The introduction of the new water law will include contribute to taking measures to reduce water losses in water distribution networks. This task is not easy and requires a comprehensive approach. Do you want to know how to go about it? Call.